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Carpet & Laminate

Achieve the look you want with Laminate flooring and carpet, whether it be traditional or modern with a wide choice in plank sizes, wood designs, colors, grains, beautiful textures and more.

Home Renovations

We can perform any job that you need done in your home or business. Whether it is kitchen or bathroom remodeling to residential and commercial power washing we can do it. Not only that but you will receive the best attention from our staff at affordable prices.

Sanding & Refinishing

DO YOU WANT TO ADD A FINISH ? improve the appearance of your space with help from Flooring and Remodeling by Nelson. we offer fast and affordable residential refinishing services in NC and the surrounding areas.

Hardwood Flooring

The best thing about wood flooring is that the grain and natural shapes throughout means there’s always something to look at and no two sections are the same. It’s also hard wearing and more environmentally friendly than many other alternatives.

Handyman Services

Flooring and Remodeling by Nelson. is company that takes pride in being the best, our recognition for excellence comes with every project we create, most of all it is the joy we give to home owners with every work that we provide.


Welcome to Flooring and Remodeling by Nelson! If you have been looking for a reliable construction company that offers quality work backed by experience and professionalism we are your choice! We want you to really make the most of your home or business.

We have the necessary experience to offer excellent work and complete customer satisfaction from the start until the completion of a project. To understand your needs and expectations, we communicate with each client in a professional way. Our reputation is based on service, safety and quality, regardless of how big or small the job. Leave your residential and commercial projects in the hands of experienced professionals from Flooring and Remodeling by Nelson.

Our company is equipped to ensure that all work is done correctly and as agreed!







Our mission is customer satisfaction. WE HELP YOU BUILD YOUR DREAMS! Flooring and Remodeling by Nelson is known for being able to help you take advantage of your existing space. We are experts in home construction and remodeling. Whether you need to work in your kitchen or rooms, remodel the exterior or interior, even in your office or driveway, we can help. If you need to rearrange the design of your home, we can show you the range of possibilities and make it happen.

Flooring and Remodeling by Nelson provides a full 1- year warranty on workmanship on every project full licensed and ensured.


We offer the best experience in handyman services through punctuality and quality workmanship. Full service home or office maintenance is our model. This attitude is also Directly reflected in the level of responsibility, professionalism and competence of our Employees.

  • Exterior and Interior Painting
  • Kitchen Remodeling
  • Bathroom Remodeling
  • Drywall
  • Laminate /Wood / Tile Floors Installation
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